Pledges and collaterals

Something that should be always in your consideration when signing agreements for acquiring, selling or changing the capitalization of the company, i.e. taking a new loan etc. is the question of if you’re allowed to do it.  (more…)

Results from confirming receivables

So you performed receivables confirmation procedure at period end and a receivable balance for say customer A was not confirmed. A fact it was not confirmed and you didn’t receive a reply for your request in itself should indicate that there’s a possible impairment indication. More so, as the days pass, it’s also not paid.  […]

The problem with construction contracts

Or any other contract from which you provide services and at doing so also subcontract another party arises from routines being different. The thing I encounter often is at least one party being slow or lazy in delivering not the service, but the invoice for it.  (more…)