You may be having your own business or may be in need of implementing something new at your work place. Eitherway you are looking for easy to use tools and tips to ensure appropriate and efficient reporting.

By way of making this introduction, we want you to know a little bit about us. We feel pleasure in introducing ourselves to you as a small family business run by Karl and Kristiina. Since our professional lives are both connected to financial world – namely building up accounting software and auditing, we are offering courses in financial reporting.

With us you will get tips when it comes to office management, guidelines, principles and entries for accounting, templates and added guidance for various financial and non-financial reportings as well as financial advice.

We are there for you in every step you are making in your own business or at work. We want to help you in getting familiar and effective in various things that needs to be done in office. We want to remove the obstacles from your way.

Just let us know of every question you might have and we will give you an answer. Choosing to work with us does not only mean professional help and guidelines, but this will also mean partnership and friendship.

If you want to contact us then please send us an email info@officetodo.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Share your thoughts and make us part of your progress.
Karl and Kristiina