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Expenses and purchases

Expenses in your business can be of various types (or for various purposes) – cost of goods sold, administrative and other operations related charges, payroll expenses, depreciation of assets etc. Those are the general types of expenses a business can have as a part of their income statement. They support the business in one way […]

Start-up expenses of a starting business

Starting the business always incurs some expenses in itself – registration, analysis, business plans etc. There’re various expenses, which depend on the business, and the situation business is started within however one thing is certain when it comes to accounting for those expenses. Those “start-up” expenses as they are called, are never capitalized as assets, […]

Accrual basis of accounting – expense

Expenses are recognized when they’re “made” and not when they’re paid for. Well, unless you’re using cash basis of accounting when all you really do is account for all your transaction just when the money is moving from hand-to-hand. Presuming this is not the case, the other method of accounting, called “accrual basis of accounting” […]