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Presenting property, plant and equipment as well as intangible assets on the statement of cash flows

Property, plant and equipment and intangible assets for the purpose of presentation on the statement of cash flows are reported partly under all of the three grouping of cash flows a company can have. Since there are many aspects of acquiring and measuring for tangible and intangible assets, it only makes sense they are also disclosed differently.   Continue reading

Is the investment really worth it?

Buying something is easy, but is it really worth the money spent? Is the investment really a good investment? You should never make an investment that’s really not doing anything useful for your business.

First thing first, think about the purpose of the investment. What do you really needed it for? Is it for improving something, developing something or just in “I think we may find it useful” category?  Continue reading

Property, plant and equipment schedules template – what are property, plant and equipment?

Property, plant and equipment schedules template is quite detail and includes a lot of numbers. While we are covering all of them in our future posts, let’s first clear the air around the term itself. What is meant under “property, plant and equipment” (hereinafter called as “PPE”) and what is the general accounting rules surrounding them?
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