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Think about termination clauses when signing your contracts

The thing with bad contracts is that first off you should try and avoid signing them. That’s for one and should be quite obvious. However, how do you assess a contract and whether it’s bad for business or not. Some are easy to detect and negotiate, but some may seem like reasonable demands at the […]

What to look out for and consider when having goods in stock that you can return to the supplier?

If you have managed to get a clause of having the right to return the goods to the supplier at the end of the period and having to pay only for those you actually sold, there are a couple of things you might want to consider. For starters, there is no need to have those […]

Supplier agreements – what to get included within them?

When negotiating agreements with suppliers, you usually argue over prices, payment terms, delivery conditions etc. What we have seen being ignored however, are the return rights. When we say “return rights”, we don’t mean situations where the goods have been damaged or are simply malfunctioning. This is something that should come as a default right. […]

Contracts ledger – in addition to physical management

Although you have ensured all your contracts are safely stored and only authorized personnel has access to them, you still may struggle with finding the right contract fast enough. And in addition it may be hard to keep track on all contracts in place, still effective, already terminated etc. The thing that helps you with […]

Managing contracts – their physical security

When you sign off a contract you want to make sure it is safely put away. We doubt that you will leave it lying around somewhere for any third parties able to access it or even steal or copy it without any approval. As a general rule and common practice all contracts are safely stored […]