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How to identify fraud in the first place?

Identifying fraud isn’t easy, people get clever, people have more and more playing room etc. For someone who doesn’t even think about fraud happening it’s considerably difficult to imagine schemes some might undertake to first off make fraud and then cover it up. Nonetheless there are some things you can do to identify fraud (or at least possibilities fraud taking place or places where potential fraud may occur (that is flaws in your processes):  Continue reading

How would you make sure there’s no fraud in your company?

To some extent you can do that of course, but not 100%. Fraud takes place regardless what you think happens or doesn’t happen, but what you can do it, is ensure you’ve got essential controls in place to mitigate the risk. If you think about it, there are some very easy controls you may implement to avoid fraud happening on low levels of the company’s structure.  Continue reading