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Preparing your annual report

At least once a year, provided that you’ve had a regular business year without any restructurings etc. you ought to prepare and present an annual report for presenting your company’s performance to the public (or at least authorities who may make it public for a certain fee). (more…)

Importance of financial reporting

Importance of financial reporting arises from the needs of the investors, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders of the company; it arises from the needs of those who are somehow dependent on the performance of the entity. It may not be dependence how you’ve accustomed to see it, i.e. without the company they could not exist, […]

When it isn’t offsetting?

On the face of balance sheet and income statement there are certain items which are never considered as offsetting for certain items (something that’s not allowed on most cases as we’ve pointed out in one our posts about offsetting), but compulsory to be included within certain line item groups. If anything, it’s called netting.  (more…)