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Creating Annual Report


Preparing your very own Annual Report can be a daunting challenge. Especially if it’s your first time and you don’t exactly have an idea what you’re supposed to do. To help you, what we’ve prepared is an Excel template in which you can build up numbers and tables – all of which are all copy-past able to our Word template. Just add a little bit content and you’re done. To give you an idea we’ve also prepared an example Annual Report and all relevant templates to help you even further.

  • Annual Report (.pdf)
  • Annual Report Checklist (.pdf)
  • Annual Report Checklist (.doc)
  • Annual Report Excel Example (.xlsx)
  • Annual Report Excel Example (.xls)
  • Annual Report Word Example (.docx)
  • Annual Report Word Example (.doc)
  • Annual Report Excel Template (.xlsx)
  • Annual Report Excel Template (.xls)
  • Annual Report Word Template (.docx)
  • Annual Report Word Template (.doc)
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Product Description

First things first we have the course itself with all the relevant guidelines, best practices and dos with don’ts. It’s all written in a down-to-earth style without any big words or complicated terms. What we focus on is the fundamentals of the Annual Report, the reports within and everything that’s added to one. All this is needed to comply your very own Annual Report.


An Annual Report is mostly about tables and where there are tables, there are spreadsheets. What we’ve prepared are easy to fill in and use spreadsheets within one Excel workbook. Just enter your data and watch most of it automatically fill in all to make your life a tad easier. Note also that you can copy and paste those tables into the template Annual Report we’ve prepared.


The very template of an Annual Report in which you just need fill in the gaps pretty much and copy-paste the tables prepared in the Excel workbook we’ve provided. It offers you the common structure, headings and standard texts where applicable so you can focus on the more informative and your company specific parts.


Just to offer you an idea of how the spreadsheet could be filled, we’ve prepared an example of it with a fictional company’s information.  It’s meant as an example on how you can use the spreadsheet to work for your benefit.


In order for you to have a vision of how an Annual Report should look like, we’ve also prepared using the spreadsheets an example of a fictional company’s Annual Report. It’s using the same figures with added comments here and there with most of the standard texts, i.e. accounting policies etc.


As a final check there’s also a checklist we’ve prepared which is there to help you ensure you didn’t forget anything. It happens to the best of us and hence the checklist is really there to help you. It follows the very basics that should never be left undone and focuses on some specific areas that most businesses do have in their Annual Reports.