Benefits of a good checklist

Good Checklist There are quite a few checklists out there for various things. But why would someone want a checklist when they know what they have to do by heart and everything is so in routine for them anyway? Because what a checklist in essence is, it is a list of things one should do and you can check things that are done thus enabling you to see actions still need to be taken.

Why? Just because of the very same reason. If there are things in routine, you’re bound to forget some of them. A good and well thought through checklist ensures that you can manage your time better, prioritize your time on right things, have all prerequisite information already at hand, prepare needed documents sooner rather than later, appreciate others’ time and workload planning their resources timely, meet all reporting deadlines and requirements, etc.

A good checklist may be in its standard form with actions listed from top to bottom and checkboxes just next to the list on the left or right depending on your preference, or as a table listing all activities from left to right as headings and the categories coming from top to bottom on the right. It’s all subjective to the area or process you’re creating the checklist for.

Give it a second thought when saying “no” to the next checklist coming your way. There may be something in there that you usually forget or do in the very last minute.