Controls over PPE

Why do you think it’s important to have controls over your property, plant and equipment or PPE? It’s there, you can see it and that’s that. 

Well, yes in a situation where you’d only have just a few of those assets and you can indeed see them all the time, you use them and so on, you might not need controls over them. However, should you have assets in various locations, under the responsibility of more than just you and more so, they may or may not be in use (i.e. you cannot verify they’re working with your own eyes every moment), it’s important to work out some routines to have a regular check over your PPE items.

Regular controls to have over your PPE include counting them and ensuring they’re in fact existing, evaluating if they’re in working condition and assessing their remaining useful life. How else would you know of investments needed if you don’t monitor what you’ve got? Regular monitoring helps to prevent situations where an equipment is broken down and a new one is either expensive so you don’t have funds for it or takes time to get (or both).

So do have regular controls over your physical assets.