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I got services – should I account for this? How?

The accounting for receiving services doesn’t differ much from the entry made when purchasing something. You essentially still bought something, but this something isn’t an item and you shouldn’t put it into your inventory hence there’s just one place to charge it – into expenses as you got the service or split over the period the service is received (i.e. if it’s a commercial that’s shown two months in a row, the expense should be accounted 50% in one month and 50% in another month making it a prepaid expense on your balance sheet at the end of the first month). Continue reading

I bought stuff, now what?

You bought something for your own business and now you know you should account for it. You’re not running a shop in some small village like 100 years ago where you could just get cash from the till, go buy something and be done with it. No.

The way we do things is quite the opposite. I mean we still take money if we are going to pay by cash, but there’s more to it. Yes, we also pay via bank transfers, but that’s not what I’m on about. Continue reading