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How to create custom numbering for lists? | Word 2010

Go to Home tab, paragraph section and click on the down arrow next to the numbering button. Choose define new number format. First you can choose numbering style like numbers or letters. In Number format you can add custom text to your numbering. For example we are going to add text before numbers. So now all the list numbers will automaticly have text written before them. If you want to use that numbering again in the document, it is now stored in the Numbering Library

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How to create custom bullet points? | Word 2010

Go to Home tab, paragraph section and click on the down arrow next to Bullets button. Choose define new bullet. Note that bullets can be symbols, pictures or fonts. We are going to add a picture as bullet point. You can choose from existing images or Import your own. It will automaticly resize your image to the bullet point size. Choose the new bullet and press OK. Now your new bullet is available in the Library for quick usage next time.

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How to create protected forms in a Word document? | Word 2010

We have our form almost ready and now we just need to enter a field that the person can fill. This can be done under the Developer tab. By default this tab is hidden and you might have to enable it in Word options. When you have enabled the Developer tab then go to Controls section and click Text. Now you have a field and we can protect the rest of the document from changes. In the Developer tab go to the Protect section and click on Restrict Editing.  Put the checks in and under the second option choose Filling forms from the drop down menu and press „Yes, Start Enforcing Protection”. Enter a password to protect it and starting from there someone using the document can only fill in the forms.

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