Reporting capital on statement of changes in owner’s equity

Statement of changes in owner’s equity is a statement that’s prepared usually just once a year for the Annual Report. As it is, it’s important to note that the changes are then reflected from the previous period end to the current period end. 

The items part of the statement of changes in owner’s equity is as the name suggests items which are contributed by the owner. One can contribute by giving and also by not taking. For instance the capital is something that one pays into the equity whereas retained earnings are part of owner’s equity the owner has reinvested into the entity instead of using the option to take it out as dividends.

Thus the changes we mention within the title are reflected only for items that can be considered to be contributed by the owner and not by financial institutions in the form of loans taken. Loans are liabilities we need to pay back whereas for owner’s equity it’s not definite during the course of entity’s business. It’s capital given by the owner of the entity to be used by the entity’s management.

As for the statement of changes, it’s to reflect on how the capital contributed by the owner has changed over the reporting period.