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How to apply page borders to my document? | Word 2007

Go to the ribbon under Page Layout tab and Page Background section. Click on the button “Page Borders”. From the new menu first choose the overall settings of the border. Next you can look for the style, color, width and art of your liking. The third section shows you the preview of the choices made. In here you can modify the border lines placement and also determine whether the borders are the same for the whole document or for the section or only for the first page or except for the first page. Click “OK” if you are satisfied with the selection.  

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How to have a different page formatting in a single document? | Word 2007

Section breaks are used to show Word where the formatting will end and a new one will start. You will find section breaks on Page Layout tab under Page Setup section. Click on “Breaks” and choose how you want for the section break to work. Does it need to skip to a new page or for an example to a new even-numbered page. After this break you can apply new formatting.

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