Keep in mind the payment dates for due invoices

You receive an invoice, it has a payment date that’s not today, and you put it away. I’m pretty confident that if the invoice had today’s date, it would get your attention for a bit longer, for as long as it takes to pay it. Note that there’s nothing wrong with it being put aside if the date wasn’t today’s.

However, as it happens, often times the invoice doesn’t get any attention apart from “Oh, don’t have to pay it today, I will look into it sometime later” or some similar comment. And that’s that. 

What should be done is something similar:

  1. Acknowledge the invoice and it’s date;
  2. In case you use an accounting software, account for the invoice and make sure you enter in the payment date;
  3. Previous point usually presumes you also monitor invoices according to their payment dates and pay those, which carry “today’s date”;
  4. Presuming you don’t use accounting software per se, you should work out a system for such invoices, i.e. different piles or filing spaces etc. Note that it also means you should make it a habit of checking the invoices regularly, if there’s something that needs to be paid today.

As you noticed, what you require is a system and a routine to make sure the system helps in reality. Without a system you won’t get anything done on time and properly and without a routine there’s no use for the system, invoices could just stay in one pile or in garbage then.

Plainly noticing that “Oh, I don’t have to pay this today” isn’t enough. You need ensure you follow through the invoice when it’s due.