Paying invoices partially

Generally speaking, partial payments are always allowed unless stated clearly otherwise on the invoice. Now, the question is if and why you’d do it? It totally makes sense to pay invoices in full on time so why would someone pay parts of the total sum on different days?

Truth of the matter is that there are times it does seem like the best and even the only option there is to pay just partially what you owe.

First things first, you may have very irregular streams of cash and as such, timing your payments is a tricky business. When you think about it, doesn’t it seem wise to pay some sums earlier when you’ve got the cash for it? It’s about managing your funds.

Another time when you’d be paying invoices partially is when you’ve agreed on a schedule with your supplier – i.e. you pay 30% in advance, 4o% at the spot and 30% afterwards. It’s just an example, but it’s what also may happen when it comes to paying for your suppliers – payment schedules. You may also agree on a longer term, i.e. you pay your amounts monthly for the next 12 months etc. It’s all about agreeing on payment terms anyway and obviously on what the supplier sees fit and how the specific goods are normally paid for as.

Paying partially is a normal part of the business and there shouldn’t be any shame in doing that.