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How to change the color of a theme in use? | Powerpoint 2007

For changing the color of a theme, go under the Design tab and to Themes section. Apply a theme of your choice and notice how the theme selected shows up at the first place just on the left in the row of the themes. Now click on the “Colors” button at the top right corner of the same section and choose the color setting that suits you the most.

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How to change the color of markers on a graph? | Excel 2007

Right click on the data series you wish to change, choose “Format Data Series” and go under “Marker Fill” menu from the left. By default the filling is on “Automatic” which comes with the graph type selected. To change the coloring choose the option “Solid Fill” and from the selections appearing below determine the more appropriate color and transparency of it. The higher the transparency the more the markers see through.

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