What if I don’t get an invoice from my supplier?

Every so often it may happen that getting an invoice from your supplier isn’t all that easy. The reasons may vary – technical problems with issuing the invoice, problems with calculating the prices and so on. They may have promised to send you the invoice on a said day, but as it happens, it’s late until further notice. 

Situation you’re in is as follows:

  • You need the invoice to account the expenses onto your income statement;
  • You’d also like to know the amount to ensure you’ve got enough money to actually pay up the owed balance;
  • As it is, you can only estimate the owed amount.

One of the measures you can take to meet your needs and expectations until the actual invoice is received, is simply guessing the amount based on prior experience, based on estimates on how much you’ve used the services etc. This estimation means that you can account for a provision in your books (D expense, C liability) and when the invoice actually arrives you just adjust those amounts (D expense, C liability if the invoice was for a bigger amount, or D liability, C expense if the invoice was for a smaller amount).

Matter of fact is that often times there are problems with sending out invoices at the agreed date – either due to human error or limits or purely technical issues. This however should very rarely stop you from accounting for the expense and consequently keeping money saved for this expense. Almost always you can estimate the amount to be paid (part of running a business requires you to know and be able to project your cash flows anyhow).