Being accessible to people

In running your own business you must keep in mind a few things when it comes to communication. Being accessible to your personnel and / or clients is a tricky matter. On one hand you undoubtedly want your own time, time where nobody can reach or contact you with business matters, but on the other hand, it is your business.

In this sense, it being your own business, you cannot really take time off managing certain matters. Now unless you have a reliable person to delegate some things to, you need to ensure you can be contacted at time of need. 

Obviously, if possible and given that you need some time off eventually, it’s always best to make sure that all important things are done beforehand (where possible) and in case any situations should arise while you’re away, people do know how to reach you. I believe it’s communication that it comes down to – communicate in detail how and in which case people should contact you. Also, make sure you give clear instructions on how to deal with matters you trust to their hands.

At the end of the day it’s about compromising and being open to adjustments into what you may want and what you may be used to in your previous arrangements, i.e. when you were working for someone else. With your own business you gain a certain amount of independence but it all comes at a cost. So communicate on how you would like your communication to take place when you don’t exactly want to be communicated to!