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Work by the piece

Administrating your payroll in a way that you pay for each piece produced (that is you pay to your workers say 1 CU for each item that they’ve produced during the period they get paid for, i.e. a week if you apply a weekly wage) means first off that you have people doing manual labor, […]

Stock levels in general for optimization

In your everyday business, in your everyday production you no doubt understand the need for certain levels of stock. You’ve got your orders coming in and as they come, you can see what you need more often and what’s left standing for a longer period than you’d expect. Those moving positions are what you need […]

Payment terms with customers

A key thing to remember with payment terms to your customers is that don’t ask less than what you yourself are given. If your suppliers ask for 10 days to pay up, so should you. Or at least consider it before opting for longer payment terms with your customers.  (more…)