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Pledges and collaterals

Something that should be always in your consideration when signing agreements for acquiring, selling or changing the capitalization of the company, i.e. taking a new loan etc. is the question of if you’re allowed to do it.  (more…)

Results from confirming receivables

So you performed receivables confirmation procedure at period end and a receivable balance for say customer A was not confirmed. A fact it was not confirmed and you didn’t receive a reply for your request in itself should indicate that there’s a possible impairment indication. More so, as the days pass, it’s also not paid.  […]

The problem with construction contracts

Or any other contract from which you provide services and at doing so also subcontract another party arises from routines being different. The thing I encounter often is at least one party being slow or lazy in delivering not the service, but the invoice for it.  (more…)

Recognizing credit invoices from suppliers

There are times when your suppliers make mistakes with their invoices, i.e. the amounts are wrong, the prices are misstated or there are inaccurate discounts given and so on. In such situations your suppliers issue credit invoices (obviously this is subject to you informing them of the mistake most of the times).  (more…)