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Changes in accounting principles

As a general background, accounting principles are what you select for your company as a framework based on which you start recording your accounting entries, reporting on your results. The question one might have is whether accounting principles once chosen can be changed and I don’t mean changed entirely like you’d change from your local […]

Submitting tax forms monthly

There are certain tax filings you’d have to submit at least or definitely once a month. I say ‘at least’ since for some taxes there might be an option to choose whether you submit the forms once a month, once a quarter or even less often, once a year.  (more…)

Your annual tax filings

Something that you inevitably have to prepare once a year are your official reporting apart from the annual report. There are filings such as statistics, employee related (depending on your local legislation of course), but almost certainly there are tax reporting (or tax filings) you have to prepare and submit to tax authorities once a […]

Preparing your annual report

At least once a year, provided that you’ve had a regular business year without any restructurings etc. you ought to prepare and present an annual report for presenting your company’s performance to the public (or at least authorities who may make it public for a certain fee). (more…)