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Payable for expenses

There are two things one can buy from a supplier – an item of inventory or an item of expense (be it service or an item charged directly to expenses). Whilst items of inventory are a topic on their own, with this post we’ll focus on expenses.    (more…)

Non-current assets and their treatment

To define the term ‘non-current assets’ requires that we address the concept of liquidity. An asset is liquid if it can be realized within a short period of time and with ease without losing any of its value (normally assumed within a year). Liquid assets comprise your company’s ‘current assets’. However if an asset is […]

Accruals basis of accounting

Accounting in most countries and for most companies is based on subject matter of the transaction and not actual cash movement. Yes, there are certain forms of business which are allowed to still record transactions as the money is received or paid, however there are just a few of them.  (more…)

Importance of closing an accounting period

The importance of closing accounts for a determined period derives from understanding the importance of financial reporting in the first place. Financial reporting is for having accurate accounts about a company and it’s performance. Without those the business could possibly go into bankruptcy since it’s not in compliance with regulations (i.e. not paying taxes in due […]