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Hourly wages – what about them?

There are lines of work where employees are paid by the hours they put into their work effort. Of the top of my head, it can be guards for instance or people marketing goods within supermarket alleys etc. It depends on the best practices within your country, within your line of business.  (more…)

Incentives to employees

Incentives (i.e. bonuses based on personal results, company’s performance etc.) aren’t things to be afraid of. Yes, they create expense within accounts; they’re an additional routine to maintain and so on, but what they actually do, if set up properly, is motivating people more.  (more…)

Work by the piece

Administrating your payroll in a way that you pay for each piece produced (that is you pay to your workers say 1 CU for each item that they’ve produced during the period they get paid for, i.e. a week if you apply a weekly wage) means first off that you have people doing manual labor, […]