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Being accessible to people

In running your own business you must keep in mind a few things when it comes to communication. Being accessible to your personnel and / or clients is a tricky matter. On one hand you undoubtedly want your own time, time where nobody can reach or contact you with business matters, but on the other […]

Confidentiality when it comes to client data

When thinking of your own personal dealings you have with companies, have you ever wondered why some information is asked from you? Or even more so, how they ensure the data doesn’t fall into third party hands? Obviously apart from the info you’ve consented to being shared. Matter of fact is that some of it […]

Ethics in doing business

I am fairly certain it goes without saying, but as it is, there are a few ideas I would like to toss out there regarding ethics. Running a business, day-to-day activities etc. are bound to make you forget those few simple rules that you really should not forget when it comes to business ethics.  (more…)