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Changing an accounting software – what to watch out for?

Things develop and as it happens, software can get caught in the progress in the sense it’s not so modern anymore and doesn’t quite meet the needs of a business. Changing an accounting software isn’t all that complicated in itself, but there are a few things to watch out when doing so.  (more…)

Appropriate access rights

When it comes to means of data protection, most people can only think of passwords. Yes, they prevent any third party access obviously and are essentially as important as any other security measure, one thing often overlooked however are the access rights. We say ‘access rights’ in terms of what data and actions the user […]

When is a password good?

There is a saying that you simply cannot repeat some things enough. One of those areas is security. Whilst physical security in terms of alarms, locked doors etc is as important, with this post we are focusing on data protection and namely passwords. It has come across in our practice, that there are programs with […]