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Keep in mind the payment dates for due invoices

You receive an invoice, it has a payment date that’s not today, and you put it away. I’m pretty confident that if the invoice had today’s date, it would get your attention for a bit longer, for as long as it takes to pay it. Note that there’s nothing wrong with it being put aside if the date wasn’t today’s.

However, as it happens, often times the invoice doesn’t get any attention apart from “Oh, don’t have to pay it today, I will look into it sometime later” or some similar comment. And that’s that.  Continue reading

To pay bills on due time or a bit earlier?

It’s always a good question. First off however, let me clarify that paying your bills after the due date is not a good choice because if it happens once, it’s not a big deal, but in case it’s becoming a habit, it does not send a good message to your suppliers and they may either start demanding prepayments for goods and services or that you pay at the spot. Either way, you do want to be on their good grace so that you get to pay later.

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