Property, plant and equipment that’s not in use

First and foremost it’s important you go about and actually investigate into your property, plant and equipment items to identify all assets which don’t find any usage within your business, your production. Often enough I see that it’s not done and assets are carried on the balance sheet even if they’re fully depreciated and in reality not existing. There’s just clutter on your balance sheet that you should get rid of. 

It’s actually much worse in case such assets also have carrying value left. This value is increasing your balance sheet and thus it’s far more important to understand if this ‘value’ is participating or will likely participate in your business flows, will it create economic benefits for your company?

As a general rule assets not being used and for which it’s likely they won’t be used in future either (i.e. they’re old, they are so called ‘old technology’ with lower efficiency etc. so it’s impracticable for you to start using them and so on) should be written off from the balance sheet. If such assets are with a carrying value of above zero on the balance sheet, that is they’re not fully depreciated, such values are written to expenses. Now you may oppose saying that you’d rather depreciate the asset into expenses over its remaining useful life to have stable expenses. What I have to say to that is that it’s not a correct approach and your expenses are not in correspondence with revenues you’re making on continuous basis. Having a one-off expense from writing those assets down ensures that you’ll know from now on accurate expenses your current business is generating (that is the expenses your assets are generating as well).