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How to see top ten percent of your items on the list? | Excel 2007

First select your cells and go under Home tab into Styles section. Choose the first button from the row called “Conditional Formatting”. From there choose “Top/Bottom Rules” and “Top 10 % …” In the menu you can choose the percentage to be reached. By default the number is 10. From the right sided drop-down menu select the style you wish to apply. Notice that some only apply to text or background whilst others format both of those. If you are satisfied, click on “OK”. Remember that this percentage does not come from total value of the list, but from the top values forming 10% in terms of items.

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How to filter a list of data for multiple items? | Excel 2007

First off you need to apply filter to your column. To do that select the row, cell or cells you wish for the filter to appear and go to Home tab under Editing section. Click on “Sort & Filter” and choose “Filter” from the menu. Now click on the appearing small arrow inside the cell and uncheck “(Select All)” from the selection menu and check the boxes representing the items you wish to appear on your selection.

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How to add a data table to a chart? | Excel 2007

Click on the chart and go under Chart Tools and Layout tab. In Labels section click on “Data Table” and from the appearing menu choose whether you wish for the table to show up in the first place or whether the table should include the legend keys as well. The last option is handy in case you wish to remove the legend from the chart.

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