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How do I move to a new and not a next slide during a presentation? | Powerpoint 2007

During the show move your cursor on the screen and move to the left bottom corner of the screen. You’ll see some buttons on the screen and you should choose the third one. From there choose the option „Go to Slide” and the slide you wish to move to. To get back, press on the same button and choose „Last viewed”.

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How to duplicate slides inside a show? | Powerpoint 2007

First select the slide or slides from the Slides menu on the left. Multiple slides can be selected whilst holding down CTRL on your keyboard and pressing once on appropriate slides. Next go under Home tab into Slides section. Click on “New Slide” and choose Duplicate Selected Slides from the down appearing menu. Your slides are now appearing twice in the show.

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How to get slides advancing automatically? | Powerpoint 2007

Select the slide and go under Animations tab and into Transition to this Slide section. Click on Advance Slide and uncheck “On Mouse Click” and check “Automatically After”. Now you need to set the time for advancing to the next slide. You can choose it by simply entering the time in the format of minutes and seconds.

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