What should the capitalization level be for PPE items?

Initially, when acquiring an asset, you account the purchase amount to your PPE ledger and balance sheet. Question is however, from what sum should you start accounting purchases (namely assets and not services obviously) as items of PPE? 

First and foremost, bare in mind that the amount shouldn’t be unreasonably small as in it does make sense to spread the expense over the period of usage. Obviously if the amount is rather small, it makes very little difference if it’s expensed fully when purchased or spread over specified period.

However, how do you define “small”? It’s best answered when you define yourself what’s “material” for you. If 10,000 EUR is a significant or a material purchase to you, then it’s obviously above the level you should capitalize your assets from. Using the same example, but having the purchase be only 100, there’s a high chance it’s not material for your business and as such, should not be capitalized.

At the end of the day, considering everything else there is about PPE items (they’re usage period etc.), make sure that the capitalization level is where it actually makes sense to have the cost being spread over a period of time.