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How to change the chart type? | Excel 2007

If you have for some reason chosen an inappropriate type of chart, you can easily change it. First select the chart and go under Chart Tools and Design tab. From there the very first button on the ribbon is called “Change Chart Type”. Click on it once and you’ll be able to try again with hopefully a more suitable chart type for you. 

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How to display a contribution of each value to a total on a chart? | Excel 2007

Best used for contribution display is a pie chart. Select your table only including the cells you wish to be presented on the chart and go under Insert tab into Charts section. Under “Pie” choose the type of the pie chart that suits you best. Unfortunately no live preview is applicable in this case. 

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How to add a data table to a chart? | Excel 2007

Click on the chart and go under Chart Tools and Layout tab. In Labels section click on “Data Table” and from the appearing menu choose whether you wish for the table to show up in the first place or whether the table should include the legend keys as well. The last option is handy in case you wish to remove the legend from the chart.

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