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How to change the starting point of text inside a cell? | Excel 2007

First select a cell or cells you wish to edit. For changing the starting point of the text inside a cell, go under Home tab into Alignment section. Notice that there are two buttons which include blue arrows pointing left and right in the section. They are called “Decrease Indent” and “Increase Indent”. Decreasing takes text to the left and increasing to the right. 

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How to have only part of the text inside a cell edited in a different way? | Excel 2007

First make sure the format of the cell is determined as “Text”. In Number section under the Home tab you can specify the format your data is presented in. Make sure the correct cells are selected and choose “Text” from the menu. Next double click on the cell. Now you will be able to select part of the text and apply needed editing styles.

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How to add, remove or reposition text used to label each axis? | Excel 2007

Click on the chart and go under Chart Tools and Layout tab. In Labels section click on “Axis Titles” and from the appearing menu choose which axis you wish to edit. From the next selection determine whether you wish for the title to show up or not. Also choose the placement for the title if you decide to show it on the chart. Unfortunately no live preview is shown however you get a pretty good image of the display from the little picture before every selection.

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